Chelsea Opera-That "Certain Age" short operas about aging with grace, courage & humor

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Chelsea Opera-That "Certain Age" short operas about aging with courage, grace & humor

THAT “CERTAIN AGE”by Anne PhillipsAn evening of short operas about “Aging with Grace, Courage & Humor”Tempo Fuori del Tempo 12’

Making Plots 12’

Twins in the Womb 8’

An Enduring Imbalance5’ with dancer


Excerpts from Damn Everything But the Circus

We Come Together 3+

Crossing The Rubicon 3+

Tempered as Steel,

Aged as Wine 4

Listen to the Spirit 3

The Gentle Wall 3

Damn Everything But The Circus 6’


On the way to Rome to celebrate her 50th birthday a woman of a certain age and a beautiful young Italian man meet and connect in the air, high above the clouds. This world is not meant for them. They live in “time out of time.” Tempo Fuori del Tempo Soprano 50ish Tenor young and handsome Italian Piano & cello

MAKING PLOTS An elderly woman, a former actress, isseated on a park bench, her “day home.” A young filmmaker insists she move. He is making a documentary about death and dying. It leads to an interesting confrontation. Mezzo-soprano 60ishYoung filmmaker. He has no vocal or speaking part piano

TWINS IN THE WOMB A parable by theologian Henry Nouwen Characters: Soprano & TenorAccompaniment -Piano, Flute & Cello opening percussion heartbeats

AN ENDURING IMBALANCE A setting of poem by Phoebe Newman Characters:Soprano and dancerAccompaniment -Piano

PLOTS A grave misunderstanding when newlyweds in their 60’s visit his first wife's final resting place.Characters:Mezzo & Baritone in their 60s Accompaniment -piano


Synopsis: Walter and Grace have been married over 40 years

Will each of them and their marriage stay the same with aging? Characters: Baritone (Walter) and Mezzo (Grace) Songs:
We Come Together Walter and Grace
Crossing The Rubicon Grace
Tempered as Steel, Aged as Wine Walter
Listen to the Spirit Grace
The Gentle Wall Walter and Grace
Damn Everything But The Circus Walter and Grace & on second chorus, joined by the other singers in the program Accompaniment -Piano

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