Victor Herbert's 1906 The Red Mill

see below , 8pm

Victor Herbert's 1906 The Red Mill


$40.00  General Admission
$25.00  Senior Citizens
$10.00  All Students

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Two American con men, Con Kidder and Kid Conner, broke, stranded in Holland, agree to aid a damsel in distress. She is being forced by her uncle to marry for old musty prestige while her true love is sailing the bounding sea. Madcap capers involving the legend of an old mill quickly land our lovers in jail, but the day is saved as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson ride to the rescue!  You'll love "Moonbeams," "The Isle of Our  Dreams," "The Streets of New York," "Everyday is Ladies' Day With Me" and "Just Because You're You."  Not only a classic, but the longest running Herbert musical comedy on Broadway!

The Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE! (VHRP LIVE!) is a New York City based 501c(3) corporation, dedicated solely to the music of American composer Victor Herbert (1859-1924). Please do not call the church for information. Instead, for tickets, concert videos and more information, visit or call (917) 815-8899

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