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Your stewardship keeps our doors open!

Pledging is an important component of a balanced spiritual life and a hugely vital element of our parish and CSS community. It is easier than ever to accomplish and fit into your financial budget. You can make automatic online payments through Simple Give via Visa and Mastercard. We also accept American Express as well as checks and stock gifts.

Please remember to make that all important pledge to the parish today by returning your pledge card!  If you have not received one, please contact the CSS office. Remember that returning to God from that which God has given us is a tangible way to express our faith. When each of us gives as we are able we can fund ministries within our parish, to our community, and to the world.

We each bear a responsibility to ensure that Christ & Saint Stephen’s Church remains vital and strong. We hope to increase our pledging total by at least 10% for 2018. Won’t you join us and do your part in this effort?

Photo of the open church doors courtesy Gwendolyn R. Chambrun.

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