The Day School at Christ & Saint Stephen's

Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray. Proverbs 22:6

In September 2011, Christ & Saint Stephen's launched an early childhood educational program that reflects our desire to provide a first-rate educational experience for young learners, enabling them to embark on a life-long process of self-discovery. The Day School at Christ & Saint Stephen's values the sacred and unique nature of each child and celebrate diversity and inclusiveness, hallmarks of both our multifaceted neighborhood and our Anglican tradition.

Our educational philosophy is based on the premise that children should be both emotionally happy and engaged in meaningful activities. Happiness and industrious activity are inextricably linked. Our classrooms have an abundance of challenging, interesting, attractive and educational activities with which the students work and play. All our teachers are experienced and well trained. They come from diverse teaching programs and consequently many different pedagogic approaches and techniques are blended and used to ensure that each student gains all of the social, emotional, intellectual, academic and physical development that should occur between the ages of 3 and 5. We offer a balanced early childhood program in which structure and freedom, indoor and outdoor activities, teacher directed and child centered exercises, whole class, small group and individual pursuits all coexist in equal measure. We educate every child to their fullest potential, so that students will be ready to enter any kindergarten program with readiness and enthusiasm.

Students spend time in the spacious Croft and upstairs Loft. Looking out onto a sunny courtyard, the upstairs classroom includes an extensive library and learning centers where children explore innovative topics such as outer space or the wonders of the alphabet.

Admission to The Day School at Christ & Saint Stephen's :

Parents may download the current school year application form for admission by following the link to The Day School Website. You may also phone the school at 212-787-2755 x 8 to have an application mailed.

Age Requirements: Children must be three years old on or before September 1 to enter the nursery class at The Day School. To be eligible for the pre-kindergarten class, children must be four years old on or before September 1.

Tuition:  please contact The Day School             

Limited financial aid available for qualified families.