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To them you are like a singer of love songs, one who has a beautiful voice and plays well on an instrument... Ezekiel 33:32

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Musicians, singers, composers, poets and other artists have often strived to create beautiful music for use by the church in worship and celebration. In return, the church has often supported the work of artists by providing a welcoming home to those who strive to improve their skills through rehearsal and performance.

The Adonai Concert Series program is an outreach ministry of Christ & Saint Stephen's Church which rents out the church worship space at non-profit rates to musicians for rehearsal and performance as a way of supporting the development of music -- which so richly enhances our spiritual life.

For more information on upcoming performances, visit our Adonai Concert Series Calendar.

Adonai  Musical Ensemble In Chancel

If you or your group are interested in renting our church space for your concert, recital, workshop, recording or rehearsal, please contact our Director of Concerts, Leonarda Priore at 212-787-2755 x 4  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm or by email(concert [at] csschurch [dot] org).

For a view of our concert and rehearsal space, click one of the images below.

Adonai  Chamber Ensemble Set Up In The Chancel Adonai  Musical Group Setting Up Adonai  Yamaha S-6 Grand Piano Adonai  Musical Ensemble In Chancel Adonai Chancel Picture

Outside Music Events Rental Info


How many people does your space hold?

  • 225 in the main sanctuary (pew seating)

Can we serve food and drinks?

  • Food and drinks are NOT allowed in the Sanctuary.  Water only.

Can we serve or sell alcohol or other beverages or food items?

  • Not in the Sanctuary.

  • Rental of the Undercroft space is sometimes available to rent for receptions for an additional fee.

What is the payment process?

  • We currently accept checks (made payable to Christ & Saint Stephen's Church) or cash.  We do not accept  credit cards at the current time.

Is a sound system available or allowed in the church?

  • No sound system is available.  Most events must be accoustic and unamplified in nature.  Any requests to bring in amplification require special permission in advance at the time of booking and may incur additional fees to the rental contract.

Can concert equipment be stored at the church?

  • No instruments or equipment are allowed to be left in the space beyond the actual contracted concert time.  Any requests to store items would require special permission in advance at the time of booking and may incur additional fees to the rental contract.

What type of piano is in the space?

  • We have a Yamaha S6  (6'11") in polished ebony.

Can I come tour the space?

  • The church is normally open during the weekdays between 9am and 5pm.  You are welcome to look in during daytime hours.  If you need to actually stand on the stage, you would need to book an appointment with our Director of Concerts.  Please contact Leonarda Priore at concert [at] csschurch [dot] org and we will do our best to accommodate.

Are other faiths allowed to rent the space?

  • Yes, absolutely. We do ask that you and your guests are respectful to all faiths and beliefs.