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What’s in a name? Turns out, a great deal . . .

We are embarking on a new hospitality effort at CSS that we are calling The Name Tag Project. Why? God knows us by name and as God’s people perhaps we should know each other by name, too! For the next weeks you will be hearing and reading about The Name Tag Project. Here’s how it will work.

1)  We will try to get the correct name and spelling for as many parishioners as possible over the next weeks. See the Name Tag person with the clipboard, usually June or Father Jim Hagen, in the back of the church after the Sunday service, and check in just one time to make sure the name is right. For the first name, use the name you want to be called.  “James,” for instance, may want to be called “Jim.”

2)  The first batch of nice tags with a magnetic clip that does not hurt your clothing – the kind the ushers wear – will be ordered from this list. (We hope to have the first names LARGER than the last names so they can be read at six paces.) Then every month for so we will order additional tags as needed. Obviously, things will go wrong. People who do not show up between now and the time of the first order or who are not on our mailing list will not have tags in the first ordering. People will wonder why everyone else has a tag and they do not. Things will get lost. Be patient about this, please, and forgive.

3)  Your role? First, check your name on the list. Once the tags arrive, find your tag on the alphabetized board before the service or other church event, wear it, and turn it in at the end. Not so hard, right? There will be someone with a basket to receive tags after the service outside the front door —and another basket downstairs for those doing Brown Bag packing or attending coffee hour or other events. Little elves will get the names back on the board, ready for the next service or event. Try NOT to wear the tag home by mistake.

4)  Visitors will have stick-on paper tags, but certainly not “Hello, My Name Is . . . ” ones, available before services and events—and can sign up for a real tag, too. You do not have to be a member, you do not have to come very regularly, you can be an occasional drop-in—but if Christ & Saint Stephen’s is “your” parish in some way, you get a fine blue name tag! 

Remember, wearing your name tag is a gift to others! 

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