Altar Guild

That I may go to the altar of God, to the God of my joy and gladness... Psalm 43:4

The beautiful liturgy of our worship depends on a hidden network of preparation by the clergy, musicians, acolytes, lectors, ushers, and invisible but not the least the Altar Guild. 

Each Sunday, two faithful people, scheduled from our pool of Altar Guild members, show up in the sacristy 45 minutes before each Sunday service and reverently prepare and set out the vessels, linens and other objects in accordance with ourCSS manual and instructions from the priests.  Then they join the congregation until after the service, when they carry out the post-Eucharistic rituals and everything is put away.

There are, of course, additional tasks to be done on weekdays - linen to be laundered, brass to be polished, by those who have time.

Involvement on the part of individual altar guild members varies, depending on the other obligations we have in our lives.  Because we plan our schedule tailored to the needs of each member, serving on the Altar Guild can be the perfect job for a busy person who wishes to contribute directly to our worship.  It is a privilege to do so, and a very flexible commitment.

Those interested in serving Christ & Saint Stephen's as Altar Guild members should contact Peggy Thomson(inyourdreamspc [at] gmail [dot] com) or Mother Liles(liles [at] csschurch [dot] org).